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LMT Location - 54.1508N -4.4814E - Tynwald Hill ( Manx parliament )

The Isle of Man legislation is now on-line at Starting with the original Statutory Time Act in 1883 and including additional confirmation of some of the dates of the 'Summer Time' orders originating at Westminster. There is a little uncertainty as to the starting date of the first summer time in 1916 which may have be announced a couple of days late. There is still a substantial number of documents to work through, but it is thought that every GB change was also implemented on the island.

Documentation Archive

Updated copy of Joseph Myers Article on United Kingdom time with additional links to new on-line documents.

Time Sources on the Island

Castle Rushen Clock is apparently a present from Queen Elizabeth the First made in 1597 if the face is to be believed, But has carried out testing while the clock has been extensivly restored, which does seem to confirm a 15th century date for the original wooden clock but with the face being aded some time later, and as a sun dial initially which was probably used to set the clock.

The Jubilee Clock Douglas at the junction of Victoria Street and Loch Promenade was presented to the people of Douglas by George Dumbell in 1887.
Douglas, Loch Promenade, Isle of Man, 1890s

Douglas had an earlier town clock at least as early as 1790.